East to West Route

Walk the route East to West - from Lyme Regis to Exmouth. View each stage and download PDF reference guides to help you along the way.

Stage 1

Old Mill Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis to Colyton

This is a lovely long day walk, taking in three rivers, an Iron age castle, and an impressive viaduct.

Stage 2

Colyton to Church Green, (Farway)

Colyton to Church Green, (Farway)

This pleasant, mainly flat, walk starts in Colyton, passes through Northleigh and ends in Church Green, near Farway.

Stage 3

Lower Mincombe Farm

Church Green, Farway to Sidbury

A walk from Church Green, through Knapp Copse Local Nature Reserve, over the River Sid and into Sidbury.

Stage 4

Sidbury to Aylesbeare Common

Sidbury to Aylesbeare Common

Panoramic views at Fire Beacon Hill, with Harpford wood, the River Otter and Aylesbeare Common Nature Reserve.

Stage 5

Aylesbeare Common to Woodbury Castle

Aylesbeare Common to Woodbury Castle

A pleasant four mile walk, across the pebblebeds and Woodbury Common.

Stage 6

A La Ronde

Woodbury Castle to Exmouth

Start at Lympstone Common, pass A la Ronde; a National Trust property and end at Exmouth estuary.